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Fine art skills, sometimes with further training, are adaptable to ensure success in wide and various career choices.

These careers include education; primary, secondary and tertiary, or even as a private art teacher. Museums, art conservation, taxidermy, display, illustration, arts management and corporate collecting are but a handful of employment areas open to the arts graduate.

Fundamentally, the arts graduate can succeed in any field of personal expertise, provided that he or she practices self-discipline, personal and time-management skills, communicates well and is prepared to work harder and smarter than the competition.

Carving and carpentry

Carpenters are responsible for the construction, finishing and repair of wooden objects and structures. This requires handwork with specialist tools and machines while carving of or on items. Combines manufacturing skills with creativity and artistic ability. Opportunities in the building industry, yacht and marine construction, furniture manufacturing, studios, museums, galleries, film sets and agencies.

Exhibition design and retail store payout

This is closely allied to the display industry and can be a mix of both. Exhibition designers use their three dimensional orientation and understanding of space to plan, design, organize and produce trade shows, special events, corporate presentations, gallery or museum exhibitions or the presentation of private or special collectors.

Opportunities exist with specialist companies, ad agencies, corporations, galleries, museums and private collections.

Furniture industry

Furniture design, manufacture and production. This can be custom made, mass production or by commission. Opportunities as self-employed, furniture production studios, factories, antique traders, boating industry, corporations.