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The sculpture studios include a studio per year of instruction (2nd year, 3rd year, and Postgraduate), together with a wood machine shop, and a bronze-casting foundry. The foundry area incorporates stick and tig welding, as well as plasma cutting equipment. An enclosed outdoor courtyard provides for largescale work, noise-intensive processes, and stone carving.

Students have access to a wide range of numatic and electronic hand tools as well as specialist equipment required for cutting, joining, welding, and other forms of construction.

The ongoing good health of students as well as their safety when using dangerous equipment and tools is a major priorty across all sculpture studios. Students are required to be safety conscious and aware at all times.

Common materials and processes used are polyester and polyurethene resins, various plaster and gypsum cements, ciment fondu, portland cement, waste and press moulds, wood and stone carving, construction in any number of materials, direct wax sculpture, bronze casting, welding, and various metal construction processes.