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Design created from works by Andrieta Wentzel and Irma Ferreira

The practice of sculpture is intertwined with architecture and its embellishments since mans first crafted dwellings were constructed. Before this time, sculpture was rooted in the service of the tribe in the form of fetish, for example, the Venus of Laspaux. Sculpture today is far-removed from the beautiful marble limb and the public monument to the fallen dead from some long-forgotten war.

Sculpture is used for architectural decoration, the beautification of public spaces, as trophies for sporting and ever other imaginable award, as private and intimate object for consideration and reflection. Sculpture is especially used as a means or process for the expression of ideas and concepts which reflect contemporary issues with which society is concerned.

Postmodern sculpture allows for immense creativity and cross-disciplinary inter-relationships without the necessity of having to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

The sculpture department has a broad and open-minded approach to the interpretation of three-dimensional form, subject, content, and context. However, the basis for any successful intellectual execution of the sculpture demands a thorough knowledge of the skills and processes required for the work's execution. Therefore, students are taught the necessary skills of modelling, carving, construction, welding, joining, and are introduced to the characteristics and properties of a vast array of materials from which sculpture can be made. 

Once these have been mastered and the processes of thinking and design have been assimilated, the senior sculpture student is encouraged to explore the boundaries of his/her own creativity in search of a personal identity and iconography.

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